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Ride Out is the 2014 release from veteran rocker Bob Seger. Produced by Seger, Ride Out stays true to his legendary sound as he effortlessly marries rock, blues and country, yielding an album with all the hallmarks of the rocker's deep catalog of hits, and his first studio album since his 2006 platinum-certified Face The Promise.

'I feel really good about this record,' says Seger. 'This album touches on how I think a lot of us feel about finding our place in a more complicated world - from how we appreciate things as simple and pure as love, to navigating through the corruption and violence that permeates the news. It sums up a lot of feelings I have about a variety of subjects.'


  1. Detroit Made
  2. Hey Gypsy
  3. The Devil's Right Hand
  4. Ride Out
  5. Adam and Eve
  6. California Stars
  7. It's Your World
  8. All of The Roads
  9. You Take Me In
  10. Gates of Eden
  11. Listen
  12. The Fireman's Talkin'
  13. Let The Rivers Run


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