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In 1972 Stephen Stills during a hiatus in his Crosby Stills & Nash outfit formed a new seven-member band - christened Manassas

The band included ex-Byrd and Flying Burrito Brothers alumni Chris Hillman, pedal steel guitarist Al Perkins, as well as drummer Dallas Taylor. What was most impressive about this aggregate was the range of styles they were able to translate with ease and authenticity: rock, country, Latin, folk, and blues-influenced songs were all performed with inherent musicality, understanding, and flair.

Stills songwriting, guitar work and candent vocals were the dominant force throughout, but the ensemble's musical interplay was its essential strength. Stills was clearly on a roll with his composing, as displayed on the resulting double album, Manassas (1972), one of the strongest works in the Stills lexicon, which was another very successful and influential work.

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Listen to samples:

  1. The Raven: Song Of Love
  2. The Raven: (A) Rock & Roll Crazies (B) Cuban Bluegrass
  3. The Raven: Jet Set (Sigh)
  4. The Raven: Anyway
  5. The Raven: Both Of Us (Bound To Lose)
  6. The Wilderness: Fallen Eagle
  7. The Wilderness: Jesus Gave Love away For Free
  8. The Wilderness: Colorado
  9. The Wilderness: So Begins The Task
  10. The Wilderness: Don't Look At My Shadow
  11. Consider: It Doesn't Matter
  12. Consider: Johnny's Garden
  13. Consider: Bound To Fall
  14. Consider: How Far
  15. Consider: Move Around
  16. Consider: The Love Gangster
  17. Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay: What To Do
  18. Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay: Right Now
  19. Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay: The Treasure (Take One)
  20. Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay: Blues Man

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