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Patty Griffin's debut album Living With Ghosts is a powerful and haunting album, recorded in a Nashville kitchen and an apartment outside of a Boston hospital. Living With Ghosts was originally destined to be a promotional demo, but wound up being sent outby A&M Records to be sold across the USA.

The single, Every Little Bit, is one of the most promising songs on the album with her voice going from a soft whisper to a powerful wail. The song has a fiery force despite its minimalism. Patty Griffin stands out from the crowd of women singer-songwriters with a compelling voice and engaging story-telling lyrics. ~ More at

Track Listing :

  1. Moses
  2. Let Him Fly
  3. Every Little Bit
  4. Time Will Do The Talking
  5. Mad Mission
  6. Poor Man's House
  7. Forgiveness
  8. You Never Get What You Want
  9. Sweet Lorraine
  10. Not Alone

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