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Jerry Lee Lewis is older and tougher than you. At seventy, he could eat your liver for breakfast, sleep with your kid sister and then burn down your house after a light lunch.

So rounding up twenty-one heavy hitters (Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, etc.) for the Jerry Lee Lewis duets album Last Man Standing either means that they're paying their respects to one of the inventors of rock & roll, the wild man of the piano who came up with the sonic explosion that is Great Balls of Fire- or that they're just afraid of what Jerry Lee would do to them if they said no. ~ Full Review at Rolling Stone

Track Listing :

  1. Rock and Roll (feat. Jimmy Page)
  2. Before the Night Is Over (feat. B.B. King)
  3. Pink Cadillac (feat. Bruce Springsteen)
  4. Evening Gown (feat. Mick Jagger Ronnie Wood)
  5. You Don't Have to Go (feat. Neil Young)
  6. Twilight (feat. Robbie Robertson)
  7. Travelin' Band (feat. John Fogerty)
  8. That Kind of Fool (feat. Keith Richards)
  9. Sweet Little Sixteen (feat. Ringo Starr)
  10. Just a Bummin' Around (feat. Merle Haggard)
  11. Honky Tonk Woman (feat. Kid Rock)
  12. What's Made Milwaukee Famous (feat. Rod Stewart)
  13. Don't Be Ashamed of Your Age (feat. George Jones)
  14. Couple More Years (feat. Willie Nelson)
  15. Ol' Glory (feat. Toby Keith)
  16. Trouble in Mind (feat. Eric Clapton)
  17. I Saw Her Standing There (feat. Little Richard)
  18. Lost Highway (feat. Delaney Bramlett)
  19. Hadacohl Boogie (feat. Buddy Guy)
  20. What Makes the Irish Heart Beat (feat. Don Henley)
  21. Pilgrim CH.33 (feat. Kris Kristofferson)

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