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At his commercial peak in the mid 1970s, Mac Davis was one of America's most popular entertainers. As a superb singer and actor, he found considerable success in both fields. Throughout the late 1960s and into the 70s, Mac Davis enjoyed massive success both as a singer and as a songwriter.

In 1968, Elvis Presley recorded Davis' A Little Less Conversation, and soon after, the King was requesting more of his work. After notching a Top 40 hit with Davis' Memories, Presley reached the Top Five in 1969 with the songwriter's In the Ghetto.

As a singer in the 1970s, Mac Davis had a number 1 hit himself in the US singles chart with Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me. He also spent 16 weeks in the UK charts with his witty hit single, It's Hard To Be Humble. Aside from Elvis Presley, Davis' songs have also been covered by Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, Anthony Newley, Bobby Goldsboro and OC Smith. This compilation,Hard To Be Humble: The Best Of Mac Davis is a new set from Hux records, and comes complete with new liner notes.


  1. Good Friends and Fireplaces
  2. Watching Scotty Grow
  3. Stop and Smell The Roses
  4. Plain Old Love
  5. In The Ghetto
  6. Memories
  7. If You Add All The Love In The World
  8. Burning Thing
  9. I Believe In Music
  10. 10. Kiss and Make It Better
  11. Somethings Burning
  12. Rock n Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)
  13. I Still Love You (You Still Love Me)
  14. Baby Dont Get Hooked On Me
  15. Whoever Finds This, I Love You
  16. Music In My Life
  17. Daddys Little Man
  18. Friend Lover Woman Wife
  19. Picking Up The Pieces Of My Life
  20. One Hell Of A Woman
  21. Brand New Lease On Life
  22. Its Hard To Be Humble


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