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Golden-voiced Mavericks frontman Raul Malo lets his guitar do the singing on Say Less, a 10-song collection highlighting his skill as an arranger and instrumentalist. 

From midnight in Havana to the beaches of California, hear Malo's full range of musical influences on display as he explores a wild variety of textures from surf guitar licks, lush earthen tones, spaghetti western to big band jams and more, accompanied occasionally by his Mavericks bandmates.

It's a sonic adventure befitting his time leading music's most shape-shifting band.


  1. Solitary Blues
  2. Granada Boulevard
  3. Cosa's Cumbia
  4. Para los Muertos (For the Dead)
  5. Havana's Midnight (With the Mavericks)
  6. Liberty City
  7. Peach Blossom Blues (With the Mavericks)
  8. The Sound of Silence
  9. Tsu-Ching (With the Mavericks)
  10. A Sunrise Ago


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