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Amber Digby's Passion, Pride and What Might Have Been is filled with hard-core country shuffles, ballads and outstanding vocals from one of traditional Country Music's brightest new stars.

Digby delves into Countrys history catalog with She Didn't Color Daddy and One Kiss Away From Loneliness. She honours her dad, Dennis Digbys former boss Loretta Lynn with an outstanding vocal performance on Love Is The Foundation and Deep As your Pocket.

Passion, Pride and What Might Have Been was produced by Justin Trevino and features Jake Hooker, Dicky Overbey (Ambers step dad), Damion O'Grady, Randy Lindley, Dave Biller, Rick Price and Tom Lewis.

  1. How You Drink The Wine
  2. Love Is The Foundation
  3. I Can't Get Used To Being Lonely
  4. Deep As Your Pocket
  5. She Didn't Color Daddy
  6. One Kiss Away From Loneliness
  7. Soakin' Wet
  8. Let Me Be The Judge
  9. Bring Your Love Back To Me
  10. Take Me Back Again
  11. You Snap Your Fingers (And I'm Back In Your Hands)
  12. We're The Kind Of People (That Make The Jukebox Play)

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