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On Down the Line is the 2014 album from one of the premier Bluegrass fiddlers of his generation, Michael Cleveland, and his band Flamekeeper. With nine International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Fiddle Player of the Year awards under his belt, he is one of the most celebrated fiddlers in the history of the music. 

On Down The Line finds Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper hitting their stride as a band. This quintet has it all and, under the guiding hand of producer Jeff White (Vince Gill, The Chieftains), the band has never sounded better. 

Cleveland delivers a haunting solo fiddle version of Jack of Diamonds and a show-stopping version of Orange Blossom Special. Guitarist/vocalist Joshua Richards weighs in with the original Johnny Thompson and his tenor voice soars over The Sunny Side of Town

  1. Too Late For Goodbyes
  2. Fiddlin' Joe
  3. Just Call Me Crazy
  4. Come Along Jody
  5. Johnny Thompson
  6. That Ol' Train
  7. The Sunny Side of Town
  8. Jack O' Diamonds
  9. Over On the Other Side
  10. When the Warden Turns the Key
  11. Me and My Fiddle
  12. She Ain't Sayin'
  13. The Garden Wall
  14. The Orange Blossom Special

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