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Featuring 14 songs and leaning into Larry Fleet's roots, Stack Of Records finds the White Bluff, Tennessee, native and former construction worker coming into his own, and collaborating with Jon Pardi, Jamey Johnson and Bryan Sutton. 

Breakout star Larry Fleet grew up with a love of music sparked by an eclectic mix of influences spanning from Merle Haggard to Marvin Gaye. To make ends meet, Fleet spent tireless hours working construction jobs - never losing his dream of making music. The hard-working blue collar family man is now turning heads with the success of his debut single at Country radio, Where I Find God.


  1. Stack of Records
  2. Lifetime Guarantee
  3. Where I Find God
  4. Quittin' Ain't Workin'
  5. Different Shade of Red
  6. A Life Worth Living
  7. Hurt Feelings
  8. Church Parking Lot
  9. In Love with My Problems (Feat. Jon Pardi)
  10. Three Chords and a Lie
  11. Never Wanna Meet Another Woman
  12. Heart on My Sleeve
  13. One for the Road
  14. Highway Feet (Feat. Jamey Johnson & Bryan Sutton)


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