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Songs I Swore I'd Never Sing is the third solo album from the frontman of critically acclaimed dark country trio, Lost Dog Street Band, Benjamin Tod

10 songs dealing with the pain of loss, and the struggle of maintaining balance in a life fraught with hardship and uncertainty. The stripped down presentation of this collection bares all to the listener and delivers an intimacy that can not be attained with a full band arrangement. 

Recorded in October of 2021 at Black Matter Mastering And Recording by Benjamin Tod and Dan Emery, using only 2 microphones.


  1. Not Coming Home
  2. Still Search for You
  3. Big River Ballad
  4. Talkeetna Tonight
  5. Mercy Bark
  6. Dark Before the Dawn
  7. Tears Worth the Gold
  8. Terrified to Try
  9. Wyoming
  10. The Paper and the Ink


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