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Live: Return of the Storyteller - Todd Snider's third live album and nineteenth overall - plays like a masterclass by one man with a guitar and a freewheeling imagination. 

Threading his husky-voiced phrasing through a likable cosmic cowboy manner, he invites you on a tour of tunes humorous (Big Finish, and the have-meets- have-not In Between Jobs), Proustian (Play a Train Song, Too Soon To Tell, and the lump-in-the-throat snapshot of John Prine on Handsome John) and heart-worn (Like a Force of Nature, The Very Last Time, Roman Candles). 

As the fifteen-song set unfolds, you can feel a tangible bond building between Snider and his fans. - While the album captures what Snider laughingly calls his "second tour - because I went out on the road in '94 and never went home until the pandemic" - it acts as both a summing up of a thirty-year career and a look ahead.


  • Big Finish
  • [Colbruce Hampton Ret.]
  • Turn Me Loose
  • [East Nashville]
  • Play a Train Song
  • [Old Man Shakes Fist at Sky]
  • Too Soon to Tell
  • Like a Force of Nature
  • [John Prine]
  • Handsome John
  • [Hard Luck Love Song]
  • Just Like Old Times
  • [Spreadneck Speedball]
  • Roman Candles
  • The Very Last Time
  • Sail on, My Friend
  • [Being Outdoors]
  • Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern
  • Alright Guy
  • [Free Bird]
  • [Sock Water]
  • Just Like Overnight
  • [Alan Greenspan]
  • In Between Jobs
  • [Where Will I Go]
  • Working on a Song
  • Opening Statement


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