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Carefully crafting a series of deeply personal stories, his true to Beckham mix of dusky Western sonics and smoldering rock energy come to the forefront, as fiddle, steel and loping rhythms stand beside a rebellious, untamed spirit and his rustic vocal. 

Continuing to open his soul like most would never dare, Chayce Beckham's Bad For Me's themes like vice indulgence, guilt and romantic remorse are in plain view, joined by the inner struggle of a man wishing he was more. Battling the bottomless pit of wondering how things got the way they are, this album also shows an appreciation for life itself, and a promise to keep up the fight.


  1. Devil I've Been
  2. Addicted and Clean
  3. Waylon in '75
  4. Bad for Me
  5. Drink You Off My Mind
  6. Everything I Need
  7. Whiskey Country
  8. Glitter
  9. Smokin' Weed and Drinkin' Whiskey
  10. Something Worth Holding on to
  11. Mama
  12. If I Had a Week
  13. 23


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