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Four more Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton albums, dating from 1968, 1969, 1970 and 1973. All were US Country Top 10 albums. This package includes the country hits Just Someone I Used To Know, The Last Thing On My Mind, Yours Love and Tomorrow Is Forever

Porter and Dolly continued recording together until 1980.

Digitally remastered and slipcased. Extensive new notes. 


  1. Because One Of Us Was Wrong
  2. The Last Thing On My Mind
  3. Love Is Worth Living
  4. Just Between You And Me
  5. Mommie, Aint That Daddy
  6. Four O Thirty Three
  7. Sorrows Tearing Down The House (That Happiness Once Built)
  8. This Time Has Gotta Be Our Last Time
  9. Before I Met You
  10. Home Is Where The Hurt Is
  11. Two Sides To Every Story
  12. Put It Off Until Tomorrow
  13. Milwaukee, Here I Come
  14. Yours Love
  15. I Dont Believe Youve Met My Baby
  16. Malena
  17. The House Where Love Lives
  18. Why Dont You Haul Off & Love Me
  19. Always, Always
  20. There Never Was A Time
  21. Good As Gold
  22. My Hands Are Tied
  23. No Reason To Hurry Home
  24. Anythings Better Than Nothing
  25. Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff
  26. Tomorrow Is Forever
  27. Just Someone I Used To Know
  28. Each Season Changes You
  29. We Cant Let This Happen To Us
  30. Mendy Never Sleeps
  31. Silver Sandals
  32. No Love Left
  33. It Might As Well Be Me
  34. Run That By Me One More Time
  35. Im Wasting Your Time And Youre Wasting Mine
  36. If Teardrops Were Pennies
  37. Sounds Of Night
  38. Laugh The Years Away
  39. You
  40. Wasting Love
  41. Come To Me
  42. Love Is Out Tonight
  43. In The Presence Of You
  44. I Get Lonesome By Myself
  45. Therell Always Be Music


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