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Jeff Bates whose 'Long, Slow Kisses' and 'I Wanna Make You Cry' charmed fans around the world has his 2008 highly anticipated album called simply Jeff Bates. The new project will be the debut album for Black River Music Group label and features 13 new songs-10 of Jeffs own tunes. A gifted songwriter, the Mississippi-born Bates co-penned five of these singles. Years of church and back-porch singing have forged Bates into a spellbinding live performer. Backing himself expertly on guitar, he alternately charmed and rocked the toughest audience in the world radio programmers with a set that ranged from sensitive ballads to roaring rockabilly.

1. I Can't Have Nothing Nice
2. Lonesome
3. One Thing
4. Country Girl Can
5. Riverbank
6. Chevy Don't Let Me Down
7. Don't Hate Me for Loving You
8. My Wave
9. Some Days
10. He Wasn't Like Us
11. Dead or Alive
12. Country Man
13. Somebody's Falling

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