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What Comes Natural To A Fool is a 2016 release from Heart Of Texas Records featuring Texas' own Landon Dodd, his first release in quite a while. Fans of Texas Dancehall Music will agree that is has been worth the wait!

Trackist for the 12, mostly original tracks is as follows:

  1. What Comes Natural To A Fool
  2. All They Serve In Here Is Misery
  3. Excuse Me (But You Know That's It So)
  4. Because Of You
  5. Give A Lonely Heart A Home
  6. One Bar At A Time
  7. Our Paths May Never Cross
  8. Same Old Town
  9. Barstool Mountain
  10. I'm Still Not Over You
  11. Loving You Could Never Be Better
  12. Mabel 

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