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In the works for years, Dennis Stroughmatt has finally has released the tribute to the man who has inspired him since he was a boy and who personally energized Dennis to go back into Honky-Tonk and Western Swing Music almost 10 years ago.  

Containing the hits Keys in the Mailbox and Lonesome 7-7203, plus so many more great songs, the guests on A Tribute To Tony Booth are a 'who's who' of traditional country music artists, including Buddy Alan Owens, Georgette Jones, Johnny Bush and Justin Trevino.


  1. Apt No.9 (w/ Georgette Jones)
  2. The Key's In The Mailbox (feat. The Buckaroos & JayDee Maness)
  3. Fishin' On The Mississippi River (w/ Buddy Alan Owens)
  4. Maybe If I Close My Eyes
  5. Happy Hour (w/ Darrell McCall & Jessica Styles)
  6. Colors I'm Gonna Paint The Town (w/ Buddy Alan Owens)
  7. Second Fiddle (w/ Mona McCall)
  8. Working At The Carwash Blues (feat. Larry Booth) 
  9. Lonesome 7-7203
  10. I've Carried This Torch
  11. He Don't Deserve You Any More (w/ Johnny Bush)
  12. Would You Settle For Roses (w/ Anita Stapleton)
  13. Under Your Spell Again 
  14. Cinderella (w/ Justin Trevino)


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