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Stepping out as a soloist can be a behemoth task. Having spent the better part of a decade fronting Tessy Lou & the Shotgun Stars, Tessy Lou Williams appears unfazed in plunging ahead, and she does so with reckless abandon and remarkable clarity. 

On her self-titled debut, produced by Luke Wooten (The Steeldrivers, The Louvin Brothers), she swims through classic country waters as an Olympic swimmer in her prime. 10 songs rise with the emotional severity of recent offerings from American Aquarium and Jason Isbell, and it is her voice needling the patchwork together that lingers most on the mind. ~ American Songwriter


  1. Your Forever Will Never Say Goodbye
  2. Why Do I Still Want You
  3. Mountain Time in Memphis
  4. Midnight Arms
  5. One More Night
  6. Someone Lonely
  7. Somebody's Drinking About You
  8. Busy Counting Bridges
  9. Round and Round
  10. Pathway of Teardrops


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