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Justin Trevino is the musical heart and soul of Heart Of Texas Records. You will find Trevino's name creditied as producer and musician across the breadth of HOTR releases, alongside his own catalogue of albums.

2015 sees the release of Justin Trevino Sings Johnny Bush, a tribute to one of Texas' most renowned vocalists.

  1. A Tribute To Johnny Bush
  2. Warmth Of The Wine
  3. Conscience Turn Your Back
  4. Youll Never Leave Me Completely
  5. When My Conscience Hurts The Most
  6. Cold, Cold Hands
  7. Tonight Im Going Home To An Angel
  8. Back From The Wine
  9. Tonight We Steal Heaven Again
  10. I Leaned Over Backwards For You
  11. Its The Last Time Ill Ever Cheat On You
  12. Texas Dance Hall Girl
  13. Lord Let A Lie Come True
  14. Whisky River

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