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Heart Of Texas Records have reissued some classic albums from Hank Thompson. This package combines On Tap, In The Can Or In The Bottle with Smoky The Bar.


  1. On Tap, In The Can Or In The Bottle
  2. He's Got A Way With Women
  3. Number One On The Hurt Parade
  4. Love Walked Out Before She Did
  5. I'll Set My Teardrops To Music
  6. The Big One Got Away
  7. Where Is The Circus (Here Comes The Clown)
  8. If I Lose You Tomorrow
  9. I've Got A Date With A Teardrop
  10. The Great Society
  11. Let The Four Winds Choose
  12. Lend Me A Dollar
  13. Smoky The Bar
  14. Ace In The Hole
  15. Let's Get Drunk And Be Somebody
  16. New Records On The Jukebox
  17. My Rough And Rowdy Ways
  18. Cocaine Blues
  19. I See Them Everywhere
  20. Drunkards Blues
  21. What Made Milwaukee Famous
  22. Girl In The Night
  23. Bright Lights And Blonde Haired Women
  24. Pop A Top


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