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Misery Rich is the 2015 release from country music's latest husband/wife musical partnership Bob Manning and Kimberly Murray.

As to be expected from a couple with such close ties to the Heart Of Texas record label, Misery Rich comes with a healthy dose of traditional fiddle and pedal steel on this set of originals (other than the Johnny McRae penned Conway Twitty cover, I'd Just Love To Lay You Down).

  1. Misery Rich, Whisky Pour
  2. I'd Just Love To Lay You Down
  3. I Heard Momma Talkin' To Jesus
  4. Paying For My Memories
  5. Between China and Nome (Texas)
  6. The Cowboy Rode Away
  7. I Trust You
  8. Longing To Be
  9. Figment of My Own Imagination
  10. I Hear Her Crying
  11. Four Fingers of Whisky
  12. Your Bottle Called Me
  13. No One To Blame (Ode to Gary Stewart)

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