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A singer and demon guitarist whose raucous blend of country and rock & roll helped make him a successful crossover act, Junior Brown was born in 1952 and raised in the backwoods of Kirksville, IN. He first learned to play the piano from his father, and was exposed to country through radio and TV, becoming a fan of Ernest Tubb's music and television program. He became a professional musician at the tail end of the '60s, while still in his teens.

Deep In the Heart Of Me is a 2018 release, highlighting Junior Brown's deep bass vocals on this album of all original compositions.


  1. Another Honkeytonk Burned Down
  2. Twenty Four Seven
  3. Little Miss Stuck Up
  4. Deep in the Heart of Me
  5. The Cockeyed Cop from Camp Kakanakakee
  6. Between Anger and Despair
  7. Tar Bucket Dan
  8. You Do the Math
  9. So Close, Yet So Far Away (feat. Tanya Rae Brown)
  10. Drag Race at Forty Fathoms
  11. Deep in the Heart of Me (Acoustic Version)


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