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Can't Get The Texas Out Of Me is a 2018 release through Heart Of Texas Records by Chuck Hancock.

17 tracks of hardcore country ... twin fiddles and pedal steel ... everything a tradictional country fan could want!

  1. Can't Get the Texas Out Of Me
  2. Holding Her
  3. Can't Make It past Your Memory
  4. Dallas
  5. Too Drunk To Drive
  6. Faded Out Of The Picture
  7. A Woman Like That
  8. Through The Eyes Of A Fool
  9. It's All In Your Hands
  10. Can't One Night Stand It
  11. Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me
  12. Beer Bottles and Bar Room Beauties
  13. Rewind
  14. Step Aside
  15. Almost Dancing
  16. Me And My Conscience Disagree
  17. This Ain't My Country

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