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1. A Long Time Ago 2. Let Me Be The First To Go 3. All She Did Was Fall In Love 4. Christmas In Cell #9 5. Be A Good Girl 6. Gonna Make A Change 7. Coco Driel 8. Cherie 9. The Man I Used To Be 10. Lonesome Shade of Blue 11. Set Me Down Where Country Music Plays 12. Reconsider Leaving Me 13. Hide And Go Cheat 14. After Texas 15. I Guess I'm Getting Tired Of Loving You 16. Secret Memories (With Mona McCall) 17. Wall of Pictures 18. As Long As I'm Dreaming 19. If It Ain't Broke (Don't Fix It) 20. A Way To Survive

Tags: A Way To Survive / All She Did Was Fall In Love Darrell McCall