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Zachariah Malachi has released his debut album, Local Bar Opry Star, the culmination of a dream creative process. In fact, this new artist's entire story is a dream come true. Residing in Nashville with the family of Pop a Top country music star Jim Ed Brown, Malachi self-penned Local Bar Opry Star. In addition, the song was produced by the late Opry legend, guitarist Jimmy Capps and Michele Capps at TMC Recording Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Some of the biggest A-list studio musicians in the business lent a hand in the recording as well. Included on the record are the talents of Jimmy Capps (acoustic/electric guitar), Greg Ritchie (drums), Dave Pomeroy (bass), Andy Leftwich (fiddle), Tim Atwood (piano), Charlie McCoy (vibraphone) and Chris Scruggs (steel guitar).

Malachi was obsessed with the sound of Hank Williams and picked up rhythm guitar as an adolescent. You could find him singing in local bars on weekends, even before he was old enough to drink whiskey, striving to become a hillbilly music star like many of his idols.


  1. Local Bar Opry Star
  2. The Drinkin' Song
  3. Wrecked
  4. Again, I Get To Missin' You
  5. Final Stages of Hank
  6. Hillbilly Me
  7. Little Diva
  8. Where Do You Go?
  9. Bedroom 201
  10. That Ol' Honky Tonk


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