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Four albums (and countless songs written for other artists) into one of country music's more esteemed careers, country recording artist/songwriter George Ducas continues to evolve. 

His latest evolution comes in the form of Yellow Rose Motel, a project that stands as his most comprehensive and cinematic to date. Yellow Rose Motel comes packed with everything from smash singles that remain true to Ducas' modern day-roots country hybrid style to completely-off-the-rails story-telling songs that leave a mark on the listener long after they're heard. 

Written and recorded in several Nashville recording sessions throughout 2017 and 2018, the album draws its name from the title trac, a song Ducas says is "inspired by and is an ode to Willie Nelson's Red Headed Stranger", an album largely credited with the rise of country music's outlaw movement.


  1. Don't Leave Her Lonely
  2. Country Badass
  3. Baby Mama
  4. Eastwood
  5. I'm All In
  6. Old Timers
  7. Unlove You
  8. I Got This
  9. Why Start Now
  10. Cold Bud
  11. Preachers and Pushers
  12. Yellow Rose Motel


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