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The latest 2021 release from Heart Of Texas Records features HOTR stalwart, producer and musician, Justin Trevino, who teams up with Sharon Kenaston of the Wahoo Country Show on We've Lived It Up.

Heart Of Texas Records are famed for their strict adherence to traditional country values and We've Lived It Up is no exception.


  1. We've Lived It Up, Now We've Got To Live It Down
  2. Multiply The Heartaches
  3. Word Games
  4. This Grey Line of Love
  5. Mr. Right And Mrs. Wrong
  6. Old Standby
  7. I'm Still In Love With You
  8. It Just Doesn't Seem To Matter
  9. Reckless Love Affair
  10. Out of Control Raging Fire
  11. Out of Bounds
  12. I Never Once Stopped Loving You


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