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Wesley Dennis has a simple warning for anyone thinging of buying his 2021 CD Then And One More Day - "This CD contains Country Music!".

The message is simple and succinct, and pretty much sums up Wesley's hard core traditional approach to his craft.


  1. (I'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again
  2. Where Are All The Girls I Used To Cheat With (Duet With Caleb Daugherty)
  3. Halo And Horns
  4. Alabama Dreams
  5. All My Friends Are Behind Bars (Duet With Chris Keefe)
  6. Love The Tired Out Of You
  7. Whos Gonna Take You When You Go
  8. This Songs For You
  9. Birmingham Turn Around
  10. Then And One More Day
  11. If I Had Any Pride Left At All
  12. Hey Pretty Baby
  13. Little Things


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