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A new 2021 self-release from veteran country stalwart Chuck Cusimano sees his songs interpreted by some of the biggest names in traditional Texas country music.

My Friends Sing My Songs Vol.1 is available now.


  1. Lisa Layne - Two Steppin'
  2. Bob Pritchard - Lonely Texas Highway
  3. Carl Sims - Reason Enough
  4. Will Banister - Honky Tonk Train
  5. C.B. Sutton - I Can't Get Enough
  6. Leah Sawyer - For Better Or Ft. Worth
  7. Tommy Hooker - Worth The Chance
  8. Diane McCall - Why Is It Always Me
  9. Johnny Johnson - Let's Start By Saying Hello
  10. Larry lange - Are You Gonna Miss Me
  11. Tommy Horton - San Antonio Waltz
  12. Dee Jee Overbey - A Minds IS A Terrible Thing
  13. Jerry ebb - Tamale Ridge
  14. Caesar Ozuna - Honey Money



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