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With his unique voice, more unique song writing, and even more unique double necked 'Guit-Steel' guitar, there has absolutely never been ANYONE like Junior Brown

In the early nineties Brown and his band (including wife Tanya Rae) relocated to Texas to the active Austin music scene and landed a weekly gig at the Continental club. Having worked as a sideman for many of the Austin-based acts over the years, Junior was already well familiar with the town. His unique and entertaining combination of singing, songwriting, instrumental and production skills led to a seven record deal with Curb Records that began with Twelve Shades of Brown in 1993.

2021 sees the first release from Junior Brown featuring Tanya Rae Brown, His & Hers.


  1. What's Wrong With This Picture?
  2. I Want Her Just As Lonesome As Me
  3. Handyman
  4. His And Hers
  5. I Miss The Mrs.
  6. We Don't Know Nothin' ‘bout Nothin' (But Fallin' In Love)
  7. You Look Like A Heartache To Me
  8. Baby's Comin' Back Again
  9. Sunshine's Back In Style
  10. Lifeguard Larry
  11. Cell Phone
  12. Troubled Part Of The World
  13. Standin' Up Beats Fallin' Down
  14. You Don't Have The Right To Do Me Wrong
  15. You Inspire Me


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