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Wylie & the Wild West remain distinct from the hard driving cogs of the American music industry.  As other artists flock to the music centers of Nashville, L.A., and New York, Wylie has chosen to base his band out of the empty sprawl of Montana where he can remain anchored to the 4th generation ranch life that inspires his music. It is there he finds the essence of life rising up like elemental dust from the rural backroads that take him home.

2023 sees the release of Bunchgrass - more authentic country from a truly independent soul.


  1. Ribbon of Darkness
  2. Straight Up Country Music
  3. Water of Jordan
  4. Girlfriend is a Barrel Racer
  5. Rum and Rodeo
  6. Dry Land Farm
  7. At My Window
  8. Don't Say Whoa
  9. Cowboy Soliloquy
  10. Birch Creek
  11. Flying
  12. Young and Beautiful
  13. In Tall Buildings
  14. Hiline Waltz

** Please Note: This is a self-release, and as such does not come sealed. **

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