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A time-limited opportunity to grab BOTH of Mark Chesnutt's recent E.P. releases for one special price!

Numbers On The Jukebox:


  1. I Found Another You (& She Hates Me Too)
  2. Woman, Sensuous Woman (Live)
  3. Let It Rain (Live)
  4. Shame
  5. Numbers On The Jukebox (Live)
  6. Apartment #9 (with Georgette Jones)


6 Pack Summer Mixtape


  1. Heard It In A Love Song
  2. The Lord Loves A Drinkin' Man
  3. (Come On In) The Whiskey's Fine
  4. I Found Another You (She Hates Me To)
  5. My Best Drinkin'
  6. You Can't Do Me This Way


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