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5ive is a fine collection of contemporary music from an artist with a penchant for tradition. If you have been dying for that old country sound with brand new songs then this album is for you!

The fifth studio release from Lonnie Spiker, 5ive is the best one of his career. This album shows growth and maturity as an artist and a songwriter. Filled with 15 tracks of the best Honky Tonk and Country music this side of Hillbilly Heaven, Spiker delivers the goods. 

Awash with pedal steel and fiddle and an infectious joy that comes from the very soul of the singer and the pickers on this album Spiker has singlehandedly captured the past and flung it into the future! That is what this album is. The PROOF that the future of country music as we know and love it is alive and well and that indeed Lonnie Spiker and others have stepped up to fill the shoes of the Legends who have gone before.


  1. Nowhere to Go but Crazy
  2. Naked in Spanish
  3. You'll Always Be My Cinderella
  4. Powder and Paint
  5. Behind the Clown
  6. Beaten Jack and Blue
  7. Paying for This Wall
  8. All Her Memories (Are in Fort Worth)
  9. Haggard All Night
  10. Lovin' on a Rainy Day
  11. There's Only One
  12. The First to Say Goodbye
  13. Wish I Had a Home
  14. Those Who Left Too Soon
  15. Right or Wrong


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