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12 to 6 Central from The Western Swing Authority is a new recording produced by famed singer-songwriter, guitarist, and Grammy winner, Colin Linden.  

Described as a coming-of-age project for the band and their sound, 12 to 6 Central is a testament to the trust and ease that can only come from a band that has played so closely together for so long. The goal of making this album was to step out of their comfort zone and capture a moment in time that held the energy of a live performance. 

A product that showcases the variety of musical personalities and stylistic approaches of each member in a raw and honest style. The result is an emotional ride that is engaging in every way. From true heartbreak to upbeat and carefree. Inviting the listener to re-live these songs over and over again.


  1. New Favourite Whiskey Song
  2. Bottom of This Glass
  3. The Heartache
  4. The Day That You Left Me (Jimmy's Song)
  5. Full Moon Full of Love
  6. Milk Cow Blues
  7. Heart of the Country
  8. Who Walks In When I Walk Out
  9. I'm Dreaming
  10. Spring
  11. Happy Chickens
  12. Let's Have a Natural Ball


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