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Harder Than Hammered Hell, is Otis Gibbs' sixth album and the fourth release on Wanamaker Recording Company. The album title came from experiences Otis had when he worked as a tree-planter. Much of what he learned came from a seventy-something year old friend and co-worker. The man would describe ground that is too hard to dig as 'harder than hammered hell.'

He would also use the phrase when referring to a difficult job, or a particularly tough person. Otis found it a fitting metaphor for the difficulties of leading a creative life.

  1. Never Enough
  2. Made To Break
  3. Broke And Restless
  4. Don't Worry Kid
  5. Big Whiskers
  6. Christ Number Three
  7. The Land Of Maybe
  8. Detroit Steel
  9. Dear Misery
  10. Second Best
  11. Blues For Mackensie

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