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Tom Rush's Voices is the CD that fans of modern folk music and contemporary singer-songwriters have been waiting for 50 years. Well known for his golden ear for significant new songs by little-known writers, the New England-based singer-guitarist, one of the last giants of the early '60s folk boom, was among the very first to record future standards by then-fledgling performers Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Jackson Browne on 1968's The Circle Game

On that album, he staked his own claim as a major writer with No Regrets, an instant classic and subsequent chart hit in multiple genres by other artists, and one of less than two dozen top-notch Rush originals that would tantalizingly surface on his eleven studio albums. 

Tom's new Voices is the first album of his 55-year-plus career consisting of all Rush-written songs, ten relaxed, tenderhearted, amused and sometimes thoughtful songs that perfectly reflect Tom's wry persona. Harkening back to Rush's early '60s roots in Boston as a folk/blues interpreter are two traditional tracks, Corina, Corina and the opening Elder Green included because "I didn't want to compromise my folksinger credentials," Tom explains. 

  1. Elder Green
  2. Come See About Me
  3. My Best Girl
  4. Life Is Fine
  5. Cold River
  6. Far Away
  7. Heaven Knows
  8. Corina, Corina
  9. If I Never Get Back to Hackensack
  10. Going Down to Nashville
  11. How Can She Dance Like That?
  12. Voices

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