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Karen Jonas' fifth album, The Southwest Sky and Other Dreams is a flashback-fueled fever dream of Americana songcraft and storytelling.

Taking the vast desert expanses of the American Southwest as her backdrop, Jonas embroiders small-town snapshots into vivid explorations of our inner struggle between ambition and inaction. The Virginia singer-songwriter's most accomplished and evocative expression to date, The Southwest Sky and Other Dreams captures that aching space between romantic dream-state and numb reality like few before.


  1. The Last Cowboy (At the Bowling Alley)
  2. Out in Palm Tree Paradise
  3. Tuesday
  4. Pink Leather Boots
  5. Maybe You'd Hear Me Then
  6. Be Sweet to Me
  7. Farmer John
  8. Barely Breathing
  9. Better Days
  10. Don't Blink Honey


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