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Nell Robinson is a singer/songwriter who has been described variously as 'a modern-day Patsy Cline' and one of the 'freshest voices in roots music.' Her crystalline vocals have been compared to early Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Hazel Dickens and when she applies her vocal charm to the songs she writes that tell the stories of her family's deep history the musical results are nothing less than utterly captivating. 

On The Rose Of No-Man's Land, Nell reaches into her family's deep military history to create musical vignettes of her ancestors' experiences. Produced by Grammy-winning producer Joe Henry, the new songs weave together stories from the Revolutionary War to the present, inspired by 250 years of letters, stories and poetry from Nell's rural Alabama family. 

The Rose Of No-Man's Land includes guest appearances from Kris Kristofferson, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Jim Nunally, Kathy Baker and others.

  1. My Last Days on Earth
  2. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
  3. Andalusia 1919 (Nell Robinson Letter) [With Kathy Baker]
  4. Waiting for the Boys to Come Home
  5. Blue-Eyed Boston Boy
  6. One Morning in May [With Jim Nunally]
  7. Scots Irish
  8. Brooklyn 1866 (Julius Robinson Letter) [With Kris Kristofferson]
  9. Drive on [With Ramblin Jack Elliott]
  10. Happy to Go [With John Doe]
  11. Brooklyn 1944 (Marcus Cumbie Story) [With John Doe]
  12. Heroes
  13. Washington D.C. 1932
  14. (Evalyn Walsh McLean Journal) [With Maxine Hong Kingston]
  15. The Forgotten Soldier Boy
  16. Poppies
  17. The Rose of No Mans Land
  18. Wahatchee
  19. Grove Hill 2012 (Marcus Cumbie Poem) [With Ramblin Jack Elliott]
  20. Stateside [With John Doe]
  21. American Anthem

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