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Eliza Gilkyson's 2014 album release, The Nocturne Diaries, is a beautiful, haunting album inspired by the sort of thoughts that keep us awake at night in this modern world where the news always seems to be bad. The songs range from uptempo country stompers to a haunting version of the folk classic Fast Freight by her father Terry Gilkyson.

Never one to shy away from politics and social issues, she writes about an adolescent gunman ( An American Boy ) and looks through the eyes of an abused teenage girl (Not My Home ) with an empathy and insight that's made her one of the most beloved folk artists today.

Musically rich and lyrically thought-provoking, The Nocturne Diaries is a journey through the dark night of the soul that ends at the light of dawn with a sense of gratitude, a renewed commitment to care, and a stubborn little ray of hope.


  1. Midnight Oil
  2. Eliza Jane
  3. No Tomorrow
  4. An American Boy
  5. Where No Monument Stands
  6. The Ark
  7. Fast Freight
  8. The Red Rose and the Thorn
  9. Not My Home
  10. Touchstone
  11. World Without End
  12. All Right Here


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