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Dreams still beckon in a damaged world, and Rosanne Cash renders them with fierce grace on She Remembers Everything. The follow-up to Cash's 2014 release The River & the Thread, the album offers shimmering pop-with hints of twang and jazz-that could find a home in almost any year of postwar American music. 

But the luminescence and bright production are shot through with a darker vision, trenchant vocals, minor chords, and bent notes that destabilize the landscape. Familiar yet alien, Cash's take on being a woman in the world reveals just how much has gone awry. 

Closing out the four decades Cash has spent as a recording artist, She Remembers Everything contains echoes of nearly all her previous styles. Listeners familiar with Seven Year Ache or Interiors will recognize the knowing ache of this record. 

Cash's time focused on roots music also lends a classic form to her songwriting that makes it universal and timeless.


  1. The Only Thing Worth Fighting for (Feat. Colin Meloy)
  2. The Undiscovered Country
  3. 8 Gods of Harlem (Feat. Elvis Costello & Kris Kristofferson)
  4. Rabbit Hole (Feat. Colin Meloy)
  5. Crossing to Jerusalem
  6. Not Many Miles to Go
  7. Everyone But Me
  8. She Remembers Everything (Feat. Sam Phillips)
  9. Particle and Wave
  10. My Least Favorite Life


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