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After a career spanning 50 years with more than 60 albums, legendary folk singer-songwriter Tom Paxton has announced he will add another LP to his expansive catalog. Redemption Road will arrive on March 10 on Paxtons own Pax Records.

Paxton came up with fellow folk icons, including Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Dave Van Ronk, in the venerable '60s Greenwich Village scene. Now 77 years old, Paxton continues that classic folk tradition with Redemption Road, which he says will contain political, carefree and heartfelt tunes alike.

However, even in his most poignant moments, he says his songs aren't autobiographical. 'When I'm writing a so-called confessional song, in my mind, I'm writing it for all of us,' Paxton says 'Tom Paxton is only a minor character in the first-person singular songs. It's very seldom that it's myself and myself alone that I'm writing about. Im really writing in a Walt Whitman kind of impersonal 'I''

  1. Virginia Morning
  2. Susie Most of All
  3. Time to Spare
  4. The Losing Part
  5. Skeeters'll Gitcha
  6. Ireland
  7. Come on, Holy
  8. If the Poor Don't Matter
  9. The Mayor of MacDougal Street
  10. Central Square
  11. Buffalo Dreams
  12. The Battle of the Sexes
  13. Redemption Road
  14. The Parting Glass

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