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Lucy Kaplansky's 1996 CD Flesh and Bone features eight original pieces (lyrics co-written with husband Richard Litvin) that prove her to be a fine songwriter. Her intricate melodies and perceptive lyrics reveal a woman firmly in tune with her muse.

The four covers included on Flesh and Bone act as a mini-showcase of her vocal talents. A rowdy bluegrass rendition of (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding offsets the gentle traditional Mary and the Soldier. The darkness of Richard Thompson's Don't Renege on Our Love balances the lilting country treatment of Gram Parsons' The Return of the Grievous Angel.

Lucy's own songs are introspective lyrically, but only to the degree necessary for astute analysis of external events and observations. With unerring accuracy, she targets human nature and pierces the hearts of us all.

The songs where John Gorka joins Lucy, however, are the jewels in this crown. If You Could See, in particular, might have qualified as best duet of 1996, had Gorka contributed on more than just the chorus. ~

  1. Scorpion
  2. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding
  3. If You Could See
  4. Don't Renege on Our Love
  5. Still Life
  6. This Is Mine
  7. Mary and the Soldier
  8. Love Is the Ride
  9. Thief
  10. Edges
  11. Return of the Grievous Angel
  12. Ruby

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