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It seems an almost perversely guilty pleasure to fall for a roots/country singer in the midst of the multicultural bustle of Toronto. But Lynn Miles' eighth studio album, Fall For Beauty, brimming with 10 of her own creations, is seductive for the very reason that this genre of music exists in the first place: sheer emotional honesty, unbridled by pretension or irony. It doesn't matter if we love opera or hip hop; all we want is to move forward in our lives, come what may.

But, as Miles sings in on the title track, Something Beautiful, there is no clean getaway. The songs' style ranges from old-country waltz to light rock (on the title track) and outright pop. Each match of poetry and melody has its own insinuating wiles. A lot of credit goes to Miles' rich voice and deft hands on acoustic guitar and piano. She gets help from producer Ian Lefeuvre, who picks up a number of instruments, double-bass player Maury Lafoy and violinist Drew Jurecka.

1. Something Beautiful
2. Fearless Heart
3. I Will
4. Three Chords and Truth
5. Cracked and Broken
6. Little Bird
7. Love Doesn't Hurt
8. Save Me
9. Goodbye
10. Time to Let The Sun

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