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Their first album together in nearly 10 years, Breakdown On 20th Ave. South is a collection of Julie Miller songs produced by Buddy Miller. 

Breakdown On 20th Ave. South is a first rate showcase for Julie's finely crafted lyrics and is tied together by Buddy's unfussy production style. This album is a treat for long time fans of Buddy & Julie and a delightful discovery for new listeners.


  1. Breakdown on 20th Ave. South
  2. Feast of the Dead
  3. Everything Is Your Fault
  4. Unused Heart
  5. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
  6. Till the Stardust Comes Apart
  7. Underneath the Sky
  8. Spittin' on Fire
  9. Secret
  10. War Child
  11. Thoughts at 2am
  12. Storm of Kisses


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