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Folksinger Bob Frank was born and raised in East Memphis. After serving a tour in Vietnam, Frank got his start in the music business as a contract writer for a Nashville publishing house, with a mandate to churn out commercial ditties for the country marketplace. He didn't find success in publishing but he did find a record deal and made his debut release in 1972 for legendary folk/blues/roots label Vanguard. 

Though he wouldn't have another release for 30 years, his songwriting output was unabated, and he created a huge library of home recordings. While he had all but disappeared from the music business, his songs were recorded by Jim Dickinson, Chris Ledoux, Gary McMahan, Jerry McGill and others.

In the early 2000s, he formed his own label and began releasing a string of well-reviewed albums and at the same time discovered that he had become a cult artist whose work and whereabouts were discussed by many a music connoisseur on the internet.

This current release, Bob Frank - Within A Few Degrees, examines the story of that debut and the life of the songwriter afterward and includes never-before-released songs from the eras preceding and proceeding the cult Vanguard album, alongside a DVD of a feature-length documentary.

Bob died in 2019 at his home in El Sobrante, California, but not before sharing his thoughts on the titular film in this set: "I come off as just one more ordinary, f***ed up mind!" He loved it.

  1. New York City (Circa 1969)
  2. Step at a Time (Circa 1969)
  3. Big Ed (Circa 1969)
  4. When Johnny Was Called for a Soldier (Circa 1969)
  5. Middle of a Summer Day (Circa 1969)
  6. Well-Remembered Home (Circa 1969)
  7. Long Time Gone (Circa 1969)
  8. Little Bird Flies (Circa 1969)
  9. Time to Spare (Circa 1969)
  10. Morning Song (Circa 1969)
  11. I Went Down to Birmingham (Circa 1969)
  12. Velvet Robes (Circa 1971)
  13. If I Had a Song for You (Circa 1969)
  14. Monroe
  15. Louisiana Pipeliners' Brawl (1971)
  16. Mississippi Willie (1971)
  17. Wailing Mountain Wind (1992)
  18. Berkeley Town (1996)
  19. Redbird (1993)
  20. Bowleg Bob (1982)
  21. Windy Ranches (1982)
  22. Blackfoot River Range (1993)
  23. Bugs (1976)
  24. Flatland Blues (1976)
  25. Guru (1976)
  26. Johnson (1982)
  27. Vivian Oblivion (1983)
  28. Bob's Interlude (1986)
  29. Idle Hour (1990)
  30. Buzzard Luck (1996)
  31. Dark Laughing Eyes (1982)
  32. Refugee (1998)
  33. Sandy Banks (1996)
  34. Middle of a Summer Day
  35. Shining Mountains (1996)
  36. Love Is Something (1992)
  37. Part of the Water (1993)
  38. Bob's Outro (1986)

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