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He Walked On, the 18th solo album from multi Grammy winning Americana artist Tim O'Brien, includes eight new originals and five covers from Yip Harburg, R.B. Morris, Bill Caswell and others. 

O'Brien tells uniquely American stories of the workplace, immigration, the Internet, and race relations. Notable tracks include a tribute to the late John Lewis - When You Pray (Move Your Feet), and a song about the children of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings - Can You See Me, Sister? 

Personnel includes drummer Pete Abbott, guitarists Bo Ramsey and Chris Scruggs, bassist Edgar Meyer, keyboard ace Mike Rojas and vocalist Odessa Settles, as well as regular band members Mike Bub (bass), Shad Cobb (fiddle), and Jan Fabricius (vocal and mandolin).


  1. When You Pray (Move Your Feet)
  2. Nervous
  3. He Walked On
  4. Can You See Me, Sister?
  5. I Breathe In
  6. That's How Every Empire Falls
  7. Sod Buster
  8. El Comedor
  9. See You At the Funeral
  10. Pushing On Buttons (Staring At Screens)
  11. Five Miles In and One Mile Down
  12. The Same Boat, Brother
  13. Ready On the Firing Line


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