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Dori Freeman has sharpened her vision of Appalachian Americana over five studio albums. From the country traditionalism of her self-titled debut to the amplified folk of Ten Thousand Roses, it's a sound that nods to her mountain-town roots even as it reaches beyond them. Freeman continues creating her own musical geography with Do You Recall, the songwriter's most eclectic - and electric - record yet.

Like a counterpart to Ten Thousand Roses, Do You Recall nods to the full range of Freeman's influences and abilities. She still sings with the unforced vibrato of a classic folksinger, but she's more of a modern trailblazer than a throwback traditionalist, funneling her Blue Ridge identity into a contemporary sound that's both broad and bold.

  1. Do You Recall
  2. Wrong Direction
  3. Soup Beans Milk and Bread
  4. Movie Screen
  5. Good Enough
  6. Why Do I Do This To Myself
  7. Rid My Mind
  8. River Runs
  9. They Do It's True
  10. Laundromat
  11. Gonna Be A Good Time

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