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As she has so eloquently accomplished over the past 25 years, acclaimed singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier has used her art once again to traverse the uncharted waters of the past few years.

"I'm the kind of songwriter who writes what I see in the world right now," she affirms. Thankfully, amid dark storms of pandemic loss, she found and followed the beacon of new love: Her gift to us, the powerful Dark Enough to See the Stars, collects ten sparkling jewels of Gauthier songcraft reflecting both love and loss. 

On Dark Enough to See the Stars, she mourns recent devastating losses: the deaths of John Prine, David Olney, Nanci Griffith, and her beloved friend Betsy. But she also sings open-heartedly of love.

All ten tracks prove Gauthier's belief, as stated in Saved by a Song, that "songs can bring us a deep understanding of each other and ourselves and open the heart to love." 


  1. Fall Apart World
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Thank God for You
  4. How Could You Be Gone
  5. Where Are You Now
  6. Dark Enough to See the Stars
  7. The Meadow
  8. Truckers and Troubadours
  9. About Time
  10. Till I See You Again


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