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My wish is for you to slow down for 52 minutes, put this recording on and hear 2 friends make new friends - I believe there is pure beauty here - these songs are perfect examples of 'Song As Literature'.

10 - Songs Of Ben Bullington is an intimate gift for a fellow father and human being and songwriter whom I knew for a short, but powerful, time - Ben's songs are timeless - I loved getting right in the middle of these songs and offering my best - these are great songs: period. ~ Darrell Scott


  1. The One I'm Still Thinking About
  2. Born In '55
  3. Lone Pine
  4. Thanksgiving 1985
  5. Country Music (I'm Talking To You)
  6. Green Heart
  7. His Chosen Time
  8. Sage After Rain
  9. In The Light Of Day
  10. I Got To Leave You Now


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