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Award-winning Americana artist Eve Selis returns with her strongest effort yet, Family Tree, featuring guitar ace Albert Lee and produced by Grammy-winner Steve Churchyard.

Family Tree features 14 sturdy tracks drawn from the dark, rich soil of American music. From the swamp-rock of Rubber and Glue to the plaintive country heartbreaker Don't You Feel Lonesome to Leonard Cohen's majestic masterpiece Hallelujah, Selis and her band dug deep to create a towering opus of interconnected musical branches, all dripping with Seliss indelible 'honey chipotle' voice.

  1. Rubber And Glue
  2. Any Day
  3. When Everything Is Enough
  4. Family Tree
  5. Crazy That I Love
  6. All Roads Lead To Here
  7. Don't You Feel Lonesome
  8. Bump In The Road
  9. Witness To Your Life
  10. Water Off A Duck's Back
  11. I Don't Want To Cry
  12. 65 Roses
  13. Stop The Train
  14. Hallelujah

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