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This collection from acclaimed Singer/songwriter and producer Buddy Miller comes from the vaults of Hightone Records and features two of his most sought-after albums.

Cruel Moon was released in 1999, and recorded at his home studio enlisting the aid of friends who dropped by ... these include Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, and Joy Lynn White.

Midnight & Lonesome released in 2002 was his fourth solo release. Emmylou Harris added backing vocals, Al Perkins played steel guitar, and Jim lauderdale also made an appearance.

CD 1


  1. Does My Ring Burn Your Finger
  2. Love Match, Im Gonna Be Strong
  3. Looking For A Heartache Like You
  4. Cruel Moon
  5. Somewhere Trouble Dont Go
  6. In Memory of My Heart
  7. Sometimes I Cry
  8. Im To Used To Loving You
  9. Im Not Getting Any Better At Goodbye
  10. It's Been A Change


CD 2


  1. The Price Of Love
  2. Wild Card
  3. I Cant Get Over You
  4. Midnight & Lonesome
  5. When It Comes To You
  6. Water When The Well Is Dry
  7. A Showman's Life
  8. Little Bitty Kiss
  9. Please Send Me Someone To Love
  10. Oh Fait Pitie damour ( Love Have Mercy On Me)
  11. Kuecreek



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